Stihl Cut-off Machine Accessories


Depth limiter with vacuum attachment

For TSA 230

This adjustable depth limiter allows a guided cut for up to 60mm. The integrated 28mm vacuum attachment reduces dust (once attached to a dust extraction system) when cutting mineral based materials, allowing the cordless cut-off machine to be used indoors without water suppression.

Pressurised water container

This 10 litre capacity pressurised water container provides a mobile water supply and ensures clean, wet cutting without dust build up. No need for an external water connection. With recessed grip and stable base. Extended operating time on each full tank, increased working pressure and optimised water flow. Large filling funnel with cover. Pressure limit 3 bar. Comes with coupling as standard

FW 20 Cart with attachment kit

The STIHL FW 20 cart turns all hand-operated STIHL cut-off machines into easily manoeuvrable cutting tools. With little effort you can now produce clean edges over long cuts, with depths accurate to a millimetre. Includes 'Quick mounting system conversion kit'.


  • FW 20 cart with attachment kit for TS 400
  • FW 20 Cart with TS 400 mounting kit
  • FW 20 Cart TS 410/420/480i/500i
  • FW 20 Cart for TS 700 / 800

Wheel kit

Attachment kit for front support. Makes it easier to rest the cut-off machine on the floor. The smooth-running wheels allow the tool to be moved easily across flat, even surfaces. Suitable for TS 410, TS 420, TS 480i, TS 500i, TS 700 and TS 800

Cutting direction indicator

Accessory for FW 20 cart.

Quick Mounting System conversion kit

For FW 20 cart


  • For the TS 410, TS 420, TS 480i, TS 500i
  • For the TS 700, 800
  • Quick Mounting System conversion kit, TS 400

Water container for FW 20 cart

13 litre capacity


Water container for FW20 cut-off machine cart ; 13 L. With water coupling.


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